Lymphatic Therapy Edgartown, MA

Lymphatic Therapy


  • Aching or discomfort
  • Heaviness or tightness
  • Hardening and thickening of the skin (fibrosis)
  • Recurring infections
  • Restricted range of motion
  • Swelling in your arm, leg, including fingers or toes

A major concern for those who undergo surgical procedures is the possibility of lymphedema. Lymphedema is a condition that causes swelling in the arms and legs, due to a blockage in the lymphatic system. Our physical therapists can perform manual lymphatic drainage by applying light pressure (similar to a massage) on the affected arm or leg, in order to encourage the drainage of fluid, also known as lymph. Lymphatic drainage is typically followed by compression, in order to reduce swelling.

If you have been diagnosed with lymphedema, contact Vineyard Complementary Medicine on Martha’s Vineyard today at Edgartown, MA to find out how our specialized lymphatic therapy program will help reduce your symptoms and improve your daily life. Don’t live in discomfort – find relief with us!